Developing Interdisciplinary and Industry Collaboration to Tackle Far-Right Extremist Use of Social Media for Propaganda and Recruitment

Analysing the language of Far-Right groups on Twitter.

Trust in Crypto-drug Markets

Using Linguistics to profile transactional behaviour in crypto-drug markets.

Cognitive approaches to creativity in language-change.

Approaching creativity in language-change and cognition through Corpus Linguistics methods.

AFOr - Archivio delle Fonti Orali

An open digital archive of oral sources on the 'Villaggio Artigiano' neighbourhood (Modena).

Cyber-terrorism - Advanced training in interdisciplinary methods

Using Corpus-Linguistics to understand Jihadist propaganda. - Analisi e modellizzazione dei Poli di innovazione in Toscana

Using language-analysis to evaluate how industrial poles promoted themselves.