Cognitive Linguistics

'Linguistics and Digital Environments', radio interview

The role of linguistics in 2019 - humans and AI.

Modena Ovest Pavillion opening

On December 17th Modena Ovest Pavillion opens its doors and launches its activities.

Modena Ovest Pavillion wins the Creative Living Lab prize

The project, developed by CivicWise Italia, Collettivo Amigdala, IMAGONIRMIA, Architetti Di Strada e Insieme in Quartiere per la Città, is among the winners of the MiBAC prize.

AFOr wins the 'Memoria del Novecento' grant

For the second year in a row, Archivio delle Fonti Orali del Villaggio Artigiano di Modena Ovest is .

Storia orale e democrazia - il contributo dell'AISO alla Public History

Un resoconto del panel AISO alla conferenza AIPH 2019.

Analysing and mapping the language of a place - the AFOr archive

The presentation discusses AFOr (Archivio di Fonti Orali, ‘archive of oral sources’), a multimodal archive on the history of the Villaggio Artigiano (‘artisans’ village’) neighbourhood in Modena, Italy. Funded by the region Emilia-Romagna, and …

Preemptive interaction as trigger of language change and indicator of intersubjective reasoning - The case of [There is no NP]

This study tackles the preemptive dimension of interactional exchanges. Dialogues are not merely characterised by speech acts underpinning actual interaction. They are also constantly informed by preemptive attempts to address potential reactions to …

Entrenchment inhibition: Constructional change can be in competition with large-scale 're-compositional' creativity

This paper addresses creativity as inhibition of repetitive behaviour. We argue that entrenchment and constructional change can be in competition with large-scale creative attempts of recomposition of constructions’ internal constituency. After …

Mapping places and memories through language - the AFOr (Archivio di Fonti Orali) project

The relation between architecture and place mapping has not yet been fully developed by researches on oral history. Mapping is a powerful tool to represent and describe a place; however it often lacks a diachronic dimension that can provide an …

Semantic changes in urban-related terminology - a linguistic inquiry

The use of terminology - or of specialized language - in the fields of architecture and urban-related disciplines (i.a. urban planning, urban morphology) poses a set of issues that concern both bi-lingual and mono-lingual settings (cf. Kropf 2011). …